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Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 - My Half Year impression

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step; the journey through a year begins with a day.

Time up! Time up! Time up! A lanky teacher bellowed across the colleges' largest hall signaling the end of another examination for the semester- actually my last paper for my second year in. Summer! Summer! Summer! The world rocked after 3weeks since school vacated as with the first batch of friends and colleagues engaging in attachments and internships, the second off to summer school and the last batch out of the country for holidays and some as local tourists. Goal! Goal! Goal! Participating nations cried as their respective nations made them proud at the football largest showpiece in South Africa whereas others switched allegiance to support others- isn't that fair enough? It is.

All these events made just one remark- the millennia's decade has passed its half year mark or better still the year 2010 is 6 months old, much better still it surpassed its 182.5 day mark. Casting our every growing minds back we realize it was a few weeks ago we said Happy New Year, Happy Val's Day, Happy Easter and more recently Happy Mother's and Happy Father's Day. Time and tide truly waits for no man. 2010 held so much essentially it still hold many prospects yet to appreciate by myself. It includes those ones I purposely placed in my new year's resolution and even those I failed to acknowledge in my resolution besides it make life part of the wonders of this earth.

For myself, I began 2010 in real earnestness and passion-if I may use it, for all facets of my life and personality- all that make me Elijah Hanson. My life consists of several orbs; orb of social repository, orb of faith and belief, orb of family and love working independently of one another in computation and unison in totality.


Ask, Ask, And Ask?

Social Welfare

If I was asked thousand and one times my social repository is made up my all activities, people that directly or implicitly release me to the world, including my most famed occupation-schooling and my relationship with friends. With relentless determination to make the best of every situation- I mean possibilities I knew no stopping! Let me begin with my friendly fire.

Friends? Can do without them and can do with them but the former is more advantageous. Still working on my theory of friends, nonetheless some my friends have been really good while others …, doing my possible to flush out fair weather friends- they are a threat, much powerful than a biological weapon.

School? Great place to be whiles you are still curious to 'know', learning progression has stabilized quite well over the course of the year and that a major plus I mean major plus. I was able to learn quite more stuff in hacking, web development and design on my own though I'm still a rookie. Social activities came off very well since I decided to be committed in all social interests.

On the minimalist standpoint I think I didn't know when and how to say no to friends and social life – friendly indecisions I guess. Total half year impression for the social life orb 7 on 10.


How my faith keeps me

Where do you pin your faith on? A question we all answer day in and day out as this world continues to look more unstable and literally 'impulsive (though nothing happens by chance). My unwavering faith in God gives me so much hope for a tomorrow. He's being a father I never had, a brother like my own self and a friend like no other. I have placed my faith in Him, and I believe He's not going to fail me yet. Through a looking glass-double perspective I haven't done so well (which of course I am not happy with) with my faith and a 5 on 10 is what I can possibly assign. Last words, Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."KJV



Perfect 7

Considering the great impact of a family or our families on our individual lives, it gives us one assurance that there's a home to return to after a day's work. We ought to wonder about what will become of us if there was no family quote, unquote home? A family, a mystery on its own, a topic debate on and a whole culture on its own (this is actually my proposed theory for sociologist). I for one consider family to be a life sweetener. Kenny Rogers in the chorus of one his popular song-'If you want to find love' from the album 'Back Home Again' tells it all:

"If you wanna find gold

Go looking in the mountains
If you wanna find silver
Go digging in stones
If you wanna find heaven
Go reading in the Bible
If you wanna find love
Go looking at home."

I did my very best to visit my family very often and it was compounded by public holidays, at least if for nothing I got time off to relax myself and unwind my brains, true to maxims it's a sensation. A rating of 9.5 on 10 for this orb is no exaggerating 'cos I know I deserved it.


In Closing

In totality the first part of 2010 has been much more of a revelation rather than experience and I am enjoying and hope it continues. I am just hoping that my good becomes, better, and my better, best, and my best, Absolutes.


Signing Off…….

Let's continue to enjoy 2010 with an even greater purpose without limitations. Time to go comrades' it has been nice reading with you. My pleasure it is….