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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me Myself and I


Hi All,

Welcome to my blog- a world of my own which I could build and construct all 7 wonders of the earth again by the power of the keyboard. You can call me Edward or Gates- check out the watermark. I am a student currently in college pursuing a degree in Bsc. Computer Science at All Nations University in Ghana. Actually, I had to study Computer Science to take over the Bill Gates Gap. Bill Gates a master of the game has already set the standards and its now time for the next generation to brace this legacy. Computers have led to a significant improvement in the quality of life and hasn’t achieved it full capacity. Hopefully there have being some quite impressive headway in the computer science scope per se and computer systems evolving from a mode to the other. One sphere I am exceptionally engrossed in is the open system software. Primarily, many a people have tried in making this sphere quite a foundation to build upon but I guess much could be done. From Open Source Operating Systems down to Software have come a long way only to be thwarted by compatibility issues. The whole concept of Open Source is based upon the fact that- basically codes are used to write computer programs and by this code anyone with a little bit of technical idea [in computer terms] could and can edit (alter) the program to suit his or her taste-isn’t that just great! In reality I think more is considered necessary to be done I want to encourage every one to join me on my expedition into the Gatesville.

According to numerologist my name Hanson has the following secrets attached to it and my undiscovered character:

Adventure, action and excitement characterize me. Most of people like me don't recall having a boring day. I am impulsive and love arguing, fighting and accepting challenges. I play to win and often hurt others but you apologize for hurting other people's feeling. I don’t quit fighting until I reach my goal.

Gates V (actually it’s my pen name):

Restless and impatient, I never stop looking for new experiences. I rarely finish a job before I start a new one. Love excitement and look forward to starting new projects. Your love of adventure and change often prevents me from getting involved with people. I often deny feeling of love for people I am close to.

Are thinking what I’m thinking?