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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tribute to Steve Jobs.

It been a while cherished readers, college schedules has taken the better parts of my time, with exams just a week or two away I really wanted to give something to you but not from me a friend.

A lot has happened on campus and in the world and one which still strikes me till date is the death of Steve Jobs. That is why I picked my friends tribute as a way of paying my respect to him.

Source: redlimesrilanka

A Tribute to Steve Jobs
February 24, 1965 – October 5, 2011

There is a popular saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. For who can derive the nutritional value of apples? So did Steve Jobs through his in-depth vision, and unprecedented tactics presented to the world a nourishing electronic Apple that satisfied the entertainment, computer and digital diets- truly it was balanced.

An adopted child, college dropout were deep cuts which life moved into a man whose life if not lived to the full would be sidelined to be a failure, but time proved Steve Jobs being marked a successful man as an understatement
This link www.allaboutstevejobs.com will dazzle you about a man who came, saw and conquered.

To the family the world mourns you, May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Now to the All Nations family, as we pace through campus like blood, you are the lifeline of the future. Tough times, setbacks and all the negative happenings may bring us down, but don’t stay there, who knows it might not be Apple per se but with hard work and perseverance every individual can bear fruit.
Personally I can wait for the new “pumpkin” or “guava” gadget. LOL

By Kofi Yeboah

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Irene From Space as it passed though the Caribbean.Hurricane Irene From Space as it passed though the Caribbean.

Hurricane #Irene #FromSpace as it passed though the Caribbean... on Twitpic

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Christian in Effective Leadership

A quick glimpse at the world today, you would count not less than a thousand leaders! They are found in our homes and families, organizations, societies, companies and the list goes on. Now take a quick look again and you will observe that our families, organizations, firms, corporations etc. are all but dignified by their leaders. They are found in every span of our lives, we see good and bad leaders by their consequences either positive or probably terrible. We see, hear, talk, eat and virtually do something together. Over the years and in our generations we’ve had experiences of these various kinds of leaders some achieve results while others in the same positions have accomplish little better still nothing. This phenomenon is explained as Effective Leadership. Since leadership is result oriented, one thing that must be clarified is that a good leader is not an effective leader. As Stodgill# writes “strong evidence indicates that different leadership skills and traits are required in different situations. The ability of a mobster to control a criminal gang is not the same as those enabling a religious leader to gain and maintain a large following”. The above assertion seeks to illuminate the concept of effective leadership in the sense that effective leadership is all about exemplified lives.
Different definitions of effective leadership abound, but one that strikes all the phases is “Effective leadership is leadership by example thus an effective leader is generally one that leads other people who follow because they believe what they do is the right thing”# . It is affirmed by Mike Henry on the Lead Change Blog#. He said and I quote “an effective leader could be defined as one who exerts influence to get others to achieve the leaders’ objective regardless of the quality of outcome” (Henry, 2010). He also emphasized that the leader only becomes effective if his followers allow themselves to be influenced.
It is the ability to translate intention into reality. Effective leaders not only say they want to do the ‘right’# thing; they follow appropriate actions (Ayres, 2004).
With the whole conceptualization of effective leadership in place we get to ask ourselves the question what makes them-effective leaders from others who achieve nothing or little at all.
As an ancient Chinese proverb goes “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember”. Good leaders talk into change, effective leaders live to change. They are also characterised by highly operational qualities. Leaders can improve their performance (results) and effectiveness by their ability to influence the group and his/her members to achieve a goal.
In Anthony D’Souza’s book, Being a Leader. He three main circles (spheres) of need effective leaders do satisfy, in a sense what makes them effective. They are:
  1. Achieve the task
  2. Build the team
  3. Motivate and develop individuals (D'Souza, 1990) .

He also highlighted that in certain situations, leaders may have to concentrate on one or the other of the other three areas. However, only by realizing how they contribute positively to all three areas can they consistently achieve effective results.
In the aforementioned sphere are other sub practices, which I will tackle in perspective as I advance in this paper.  Effective leaders’ main aim is geared towards accomplishing enterprises for which they are existent. Their main contribution towards realizing the results are buttressed by the following:
  • Determining the objectives: an objective is the main motivation a group or society exists. Once this is missing then the group is inevitable to fail. Nonetheless objectives must be clearly stated
  • Planning and organizing: ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. A priority list is the backbone of an organizational structure. Effective leaders have all these elucidated.
  • Clarifying responsibilities and accountability: Clarification of roles and responsibilities of members by the leader enhances their capacity to become future leaders and to be accountable for themselves. Lastly
  • Effective communication channels and co-operation: effective leaders keep their associates well informed and primed about what surrounds them. In the normative, we find subordinates doing the ‘real’ work, subsequently what happens if they are not fully informed?

Once all these are checked, effectively leaders can monitor their progress, check for redundant activities and if necessary change their tactics. (D'Souza, 1990, pp. 75-86)
Onto the second scope of the 3 areas, we now tackle building the team. United we stand divided we fall, leaders cannot do the job. They may lead for others to follow, “he who thinks he is leading and has no followers is just taking a walk”.
People depend respect and hence the need for others especially leaders to understand their sense of identity, personality, attitude, standard and needs. Characteristically effective leadership largely depends on team goals and objective, their roles and responsibilities, group procedures in decision making, communication and meetings, furthermore, interpersonal relationships stemming from mutual trust among members and mutual support which they receive from each other.
In terms of communication and conflict resolution, team members have no need to guard their communication asserts Anthony D’Souza. He supplementary explains that as much as differences are inevitable and sometimes desirable, they work through them openly. Group leadership needs and member resource are also need for effective leadership, as human as we are team leaders must frequently examine their style with feed back from members as well as the usage of member talents, skills, traits, abilities, knowledge and experience to give advice, counsel and support to each other.
We cannot over-emphasize the need for nurturing the team, but it certainly provides a better and an effective way of leading. (D'Souza, 1990, pp. 91-105)
Onto the last scope of the 3 areas, which is motivating and developing individuals we can discern that effective leaders know that their success is impacted by those who are closet to them. They do not leave this issue to chance. They also know that there is no success without a successor. Individuals on their own can develop themselves, but it is the duty of the leader to motivate them and see them through.
Effective leaders recognise the achievements of their subordinates. It reinforces the feeling of worth, especially when it comes from one who can influence the person’s future. Coincidentally, these leaders aim their followers at doing meaningful work or worthwhile contribution by these they attain the goal of the group.  The need for the development of an individual or followers is highly emphasized in their challenging work, which sweeps them in their abilities, talents and skills to achieve more, hence motivated. (D'Souza, 1990, pp. 107-116)
Effective leaders see every day as an opportunity to develop a potential in a person. Talents, skills, abilities can be sharpened day in and day out and this is what effective leaders do to get more results, since iron sharpens iron.
In conclusion, the ability and tendency of leaders to deliver-achieve more, wholly lies in the realization of the totality of the aforementioned circles. Thereby in realization a leader is able to lead effectively, thus achieve more while others achieve little or nothing at all.
Ayres, R. M. (2004). Lead By Example. WEIA Annual Conference (pp. 2-3). Sun Valley, Idaho: Centre for Labor Management Studies.
D'Souza, A. (1990). Being A Leader. In A. D'Souza, Being A Leader (pp. 71-74). Achimota, Ghana: African Christian Press.
Henry, M. (2010, May 14). Good Leadership vs Effective Leadership. Retrieved March 16, 2011, from Lead Change Blog: http://www.leadchangegroup.com/good-leadership-vs-effective-leadership

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 - My Half Year impression

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step; the journey through a year begins with a day.

Time up! Time up! Time up! A lanky teacher bellowed across the colleges' largest hall signaling the end of another examination for the semester- actually my last paper for my second year in. Summer! Summer! Summer! The world rocked after 3weeks since school vacated as with the first batch of friends and colleagues engaging in attachments and internships, the second off to summer school and the last batch out of the country for holidays and some as local tourists. Goal! Goal! Goal! Participating nations cried as their respective nations made them proud at the football largest showpiece in South Africa whereas others switched allegiance to support others- isn't that fair enough? It is.

All these events made just one remark- the millennia's decade has passed its half year mark or better still the year 2010 is 6 months old, much better still it surpassed its 182.5 day mark. Casting our every growing minds back we realize it was a few weeks ago we said Happy New Year, Happy Val's Day, Happy Easter and more recently Happy Mother's and Happy Father's Day. Time and tide truly waits for no man. 2010 held so much essentially it still hold many prospects yet to appreciate by myself. It includes those ones I purposely placed in my new year's resolution and even those I failed to acknowledge in my resolution besides it make life part of the wonders of this earth.

For myself, I began 2010 in real earnestness and passion-if I may use it, for all facets of my life and personality- all that make me Elijah Hanson. My life consists of several orbs; orb of social repository, orb of faith and belief, orb of family and love working independently of one another in computation and unison in totality.


Ask, Ask, And Ask?

Social Welfare

If I was asked thousand and one times my social repository is made up my all activities, people that directly or implicitly release me to the world, including my most famed occupation-schooling and my relationship with friends. With relentless determination to make the best of every situation- I mean possibilities I knew no stopping! Let me begin with my friendly fire.

Friends? Can do without them and can do with them but the former is more advantageous. Still working on my theory of friends, nonetheless some my friends have been really good while others …, doing my possible to flush out fair weather friends- they are a threat, much powerful than a biological weapon.

School? Great place to be whiles you are still curious to 'know', learning progression has stabilized quite well over the course of the year and that a major plus I mean major plus. I was able to learn quite more stuff in hacking, web development and design on my own though I'm still a rookie. Social activities came off very well since I decided to be committed in all social interests.

On the minimalist standpoint I think I didn't know when and how to say no to friends and social life – friendly indecisions I guess. Total half year impression for the social life orb 7 on 10.


How my faith keeps me

Where do you pin your faith on? A question we all answer day in and day out as this world continues to look more unstable and literally 'impulsive (though nothing happens by chance). My unwavering faith in God gives me so much hope for a tomorrow. He's being a father I never had, a brother like my own self and a friend like no other. I have placed my faith in Him, and I believe He's not going to fail me yet. Through a looking glass-double perspective I haven't done so well (which of course I am not happy with) with my faith and a 5 on 10 is what I can possibly assign. Last words, Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."KJV



Perfect 7

Considering the great impact of a family or our families on our individual lives, it gives us one assurance that there's a home to return to after a day's work. We ought to wonder about what will become of us if there was no family quote, unquote home? A family, a mystery on its own, a topic debate on and a whole culture on its own (this is actually my proposed theory for sociologist). I for one consider family to be a life sweetener. Kenny Rogers in the chorus of one his popular song-'If you want to find love' from the album 'Back Home Again' tells it all:

"If you wanna find gold

Go looking in the mountains
If you wanna find silver
Go digging in stones
If you wanna find heaven
Go reading in the Bible
If you wanna find love
Go looking at home."

I did my very best to visit my family very often and it was compounded by public holidays, at least if for nothing I got time off to relax myself and unwind my brains, true to maxims it's a sensation. A rating of 9.5 on 10 for this orb is no exaggerating 'cos I know I deserved it.


In Closing

In totality the first part of 2010 has been much more of a revelation rather than experience and I am enjoying and hope it continues. I am just hoping that my good becomes, better, and my better, best, and my best, Absolutes.


Signing Off…….

Let's continue to enjoy 2010 with an even greater purpose without limitations. Time to go comrades' it has been nice reading with you. My pleasure it is….

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Phew!! What a week!!!

What a year- just two months and it seems like another year………………….

Every second holds a new story,every minute holds an account, every hour a narrative, a day a chronicle but what a week holds is my story…….

This week actually started on a very bright note, I had scored more than 50% of my mid-semester exams and I was quite happy. Most of my lectures did not hold and so had quite a relaxed schedule which is very unusual with the Computer Science Class.

When one door closes it in reality opens another, just bumped into my head, so what next then????

I’ve got just three things to say in this post,two successful views and the anticlimax the latter.

First I decided to take an inventory on the first two months of the year – which was quite helpful, successful and a revelation and the details which I would release in the next sequels of my blogs, which would also serve as my personal countdown to the first half of the year and to the World Cup as well.

Secondly, I decided to set up some goals for the remainder of the 1st half of the year, which are as follows

.> A total overhauling of behavior- obviously negative ones

.> A closer look at my love life and my social responsibilities

.> A newer approach at my perspectives and worldview

.> Accomplishing all the above mentioned goals.

Lastly, one which indefinitely suspends me from football is the acknowledgement that Chelsea FC has been knocked out from the 2010/2011 edition of the UEFA Champions League…It came as a “spam” to me hysterically speaking...


I never dreamt of that per se but it happened and that is football for you..Losers always live to fight another day- that I believe….


In conclusion, I would like to give you a specially carved quote of mine “ Giving your best means give it all out to make someone,something a worth” till a release my next post be safe and play safe…

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Independence Day Ghanaians- The Presidents's Speech.

Theme: Investing In The Youth For A Better Ghana

Your Excellency The Vice President,

Right Honourable Speaker Of Parliament

Her Lordship The Chief Justice

Government Functionaries

Members of the Diplomatic Corp

Traditional Leaders



Pupils & Students

Fellow Ghanaians,

On behalf of myself and the Government, I congratulate us as a nation on the occasion of our 53rd Independence Day celebration. 
I commend each and every one of you on the parade square this morning for adding a lot of colour to the celebration. 

I must admit that I have enjoyed the wonderful turnout, the gymnastics, the cultural display and the dexterity with which the youthful band has rolled out very wonderful tunes.

Also, I congratulate pupils, students and teachers all over the country who have worked hard to make the celebration a success.

Today is a day for you the youth, and you must be proud of what you have achieved as regards your invaluable contribution to celebrating such a momentous occasion on the nation’s calendar.

As a Government, it is our conviction that getting you actively involved in our Independence Day activities is very critical to ensuring that you appreciate the struggles and toil that have brought us this far and also to inculcate in you a sense of nationalism and belonging. 

You must be proud of your heritage and you must be proud to be Ghanaian.

53 years ago, our Founding Father, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declared Ghana a free nation and it is a well catalogued fact that the struggle for independence was not an easy one. 

Many were those who shed their blood for our independence and we salute their memory for their selfless dedication to giving life to Ghana.

The journey has not been an easy one; we have gotten this far through our collective determination and we must not relent in our efforts to move forward in the right direction as we strive to build a Better Ghana.

Over the decades, scores of Ghanaians have worked, and continue to work in the best interest of Ghana. 

It is now time for us as leaders, and you as future leaders, to also to contribute our quota to nation building. 

The Better Ghana agenda is not limited to time and space that is why a critical pivot around which our governances programme is revolving, is, investing in you the youth in particular. 

We are committed to investing in the youth in order to build the critical mass that will not only sustain the development agenda, but more importantly, move it to higher heights.

The future of our beloved Ghana is in your hands and education is the key that will open the doors of the future.

The future belongs to you.

Be it in the area of; medicine, law, engineering, or entrepreneurship; education is the key that will unlock your potential and equip you with the capacity to take control of your destiny.

That is why it is important that you work hard and set educational goals for yourselves. 

Teachers have a responsibility to inspire you; parents have a responsibility of making sure you stay on track and support your education; Government has the responsibility to set high educational standards by supporting teachers to give off their best, as well as providing the right atmosphere for teaching and learning. 

At the end of the day, if you have the best teachers, have the most supportive parents, have a government that invests heavily in education, and you do not take advantage of the opportunities available to you, you will fail to benefit from the talents and potential God has given you.

Remember; there are no shortcuts in life. 

Hard work pays.

There will be hurdles you have to jump over; there will be challenges; there will be extremely tough times; but don’t be quitters. Winners are not quitters and quitters are not winners.

In life, the race is not necessarily for the swiftest, but for the sturdiest. 

Uphold virtue, morality and honesty and you will become great men and women of your time.

My pledge to you is that as a Government, we will not renege on our pledge to give depth, verve, and modern day meaning to our educational system which will create the opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Personally, as happened this year, I will continue to play host well behaved pupils and students to drum home the fact that discipline is a trait that must be placed on a high pedestal.

Once again I congratulate all those who have made it possible for us to have a successful Independence Day celebration. 

Together; young and old, and at all times, let our love for Mother Ghana override all other interests.

Let us continue to pledge on our honour to be faithful and loyal to Ghana our Motherland and also pledge to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana.

May God be our helper! 

Check out the pictures below